New novel coming in the Spring of 2009



Every time I stroll through the garden, I see something new. Today the dahlias danced in the wind. As their scarlet and pink heads bobbed in the cat mint, I found my thoughts slipping out of the shadows and into the sun.


Derek Armstrong, the publisher of Kunati Books, contacted me shortly after reading Let the Shadows Fall Behind You to tell me that he and chief editor, James McKinnon, thought it was a fine novel.  Kunati, dubbed “the publisher to watch” by Booklist Magazine, has a rigorous selection process, vetting the manuscript past a panel that includes librarians, book marketers, distributors etc.  Luckily, everyone gave this novel a unanimous thumbs up.


All of the stories in my short story collection Roads Unravelling (Sumach Press) are set on the Kennebecasis River where I live. Let the Shadows Fall Behind You follows that tradition; however, it also takes place on the Lake of the Woods in Northern Ontario.  I hope all the generous readers who took the time to drop me a line and let me know how much they enjoyed Roads Unravelling, love this novel as much. 


Kathy-Diane Leveille


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