Let the Shadows Fall Behind You: Coming soon from Kunati Books

My new publisher, Kunati Books, is awesome. I’ve been meeting the other authors on their list, exchanging ideas and learning what will happen when my novel is launched next spring. It’s also time to get back to my scribblers to noodle now that summer is winding down. Starting a new creative work is thrilling and terrifying.  Most writers don’t like facing the blank page. When the words start to catch fire though, it’s worth the agony of worrying.  I’m looking forward to meeting some good friends starting next month to share our thoughts on “The Artist’s Way” and how it is birthing our creative projects.  I’m a big fan of Julia Cameron’s inspirational books.  I’ve used the first book half a dozen times and am looking forward to perusing another one as I begin a new novel.  What do you think of the cover of “Let the Shadows Fall Behind You”?  My publisher offered 2 to choose from.  Did I make the right choice?

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