celtic51When Brannagh was growing up, she and her friends formed an all-girls club called the Tuatha-De-Danaans. Brannagh chose the name based on stories her Irish Gran wove about her ancestors. According to legend, this Celtic tribe was known for their expertise in magic and the healing arts; fairy mythology sprang from their history. In SHADOWS, Brannagh, Annie, Diane and Tish create their own unique recitation to open their club meetings, but here’s an authentic morning prayer from “Celtic Daily Prayers and Blessings” by respected shaman, Caitlin Matthews:

I brighten my soul on the threshold of welcome,

Greeting of love,

Greeting of life, greeting of light.

Inspire my heart, my mind, my body this Spring day

May my soul be peacefully preserved

From crown of light to veil of night.

I’m posting a new scene from Chapter One each week leading up to the official launch of LET THE SHADOWS FALL BEHIND YOU on May 10 at the Saint John Arts Center. I hope you enjoy Scene 3 posted in Excerpt on the menu above. (Note: Each scene is separated by a *.)


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