Unsolved Disappearances

emailshadow-cover-250On my blog Unexplained Disappearances, I explore the vanishings that inspire my fiction, and document the mysteries I’ve encountered:  Urban Legends, Mythology, Paranormal Phenomenon, Fiction and Foul Play.

I hope you’ll read the cases here with fascination, empathy and scepticism.  I’ve always been an avid collector of the unexplained; an amateur sleuth, armchair traveller and seeker of curiosities. Unexplained Disappearances twig my imagination because of the questions and possibilities they raise.  Many of these mysteries remain unsolved; some, because they legitimately are unexplainable; others because they are pure fabrication.  Tragically, some disappearances, eventually lead to the revelation of cold hard facts that irrefutably prove the lead players are victims of foul play.


 Kathy-Diane Leveille



“Picturing ordinary people in extraordinary situations, and recording their impressions with an intense clarity we associate more with black and white photos, Leveille is blessed with a flash of insight that lets the readers see far beyond the surface. The Chronicle Journal

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