Bella On-Line Mystery Book Review

buck6One of my favorite places to make an on-line pitstop each week is  Bella On-Line: The Voice of Women.   It was great to read Edie Dykeman’s, the mystery book editor’s, review of LET THE SHADOWS FALL BEHIND YOU:

Brannagh Maloney escaped a troubled childhood home when she attended university. Years later, she has furthered that escape by working as a cataloguer for wilderness preservationist Nikolai Mirsky (Nikki) in northern Ontario. After falling in love with her boss and spending the winter with him in an old abandoned prospector’s cabin, Brannagh faced Nikki’s sudden disappearance when he left for a weeklong conference never to return.

When Brannagh was three-years-old her father hopped a Russian freighter and was never seen again. Several years later, her mother left the family home, and was later found murdered. Brannagh lived with her Aunt Thelma and her grandfather in a large four-story house with a so-called Nervous Clinic on the top floor, and the Provincial Asylum two blocks away.


Kathy-Diane Leveille


Her settings and characters—their hopes and fears, verbal and behavioural ticks, even their smells—are keenly observed. The Globe and Mail

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