ANSWERING THE CALL Writers’ Retreat is back!

sereniANSWERING THE CALL writers’ retreat is back.  So many people asked me about this retreat during my book signings, I realized we had to get it up and going again.  I’m an avid follower of Julia Cameron and Natalie Goldberg and think everyone needs a special place set aside from the hectic busyness of everyday life to create.   Some years ago I started a retreat at the Villa Madonna in Renforth, New Brunswick.  Run by the Sisters of Charity, it offers a peaceful surrounding that’s ideal to dig into a body of work, commune with the Great Creator and noodle inspiration into concrete form.   Even writers with many books under their belts, who have disciplined themselves to write everyday despite ‘life’s busyness’ can blossom from a change of scene and a place to just ‘play’.  If you want to keep posted, just check out the ANSWERING THE CALL blog.  I’m hoping when the retreat is over, there will be some volunteers who agree to post their work there too.  I’ve always found it a fascinating process in the past.  I’ve headed off with all kinds of plans, but almost always ended up being jolted with a bolt of  lightening surprise I didn’t expect.   Who knows what will happen this time…


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