Murder by the Book with carrot cake and tea

Thank you to the mystery book club MURDER BY THE BOOK at the west branch of the Saint John Library for reading LET THE SHADOWS FALL BEHIND YOU.  They invited me for tea and carrot cake.  It was fun to talk to readers who live in the locale where the novel is set.  While my writing wouldn’ t be considered traditional mystery, being character rather than plot driven, these ‘traditional’ enthusiasts enjoyed it and invited me back with my next unique contribution to the suspense genre.  The novel I’ve just finished writing BLACK SECRET THAW was put together in a completely different way. I constructed the plot beforehand as I was attending a writing workshop by the legendary New York agent, Donald Maass, and wanted a ‘genre’ novel to apply his exercises to and learn from.  While all the initial comments from my fellow members of Canadian Crime Writers are enthusiastic, I still feel odd about it…as if I’m wearing my clothes inside out or something.   We shall see what becomes of it!  Thanks MURDER BY THE BOOK for chosing LET THE SHADOWS FALL BEHIND YOU.

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