ANSWERING THE CALL: Where did time go?

The writing retreat was held last weekend and what a great time it was. I can’t believe how quickly the time passed by. It is heavenly to have a window of uninterrupted time to write. I especially love not having to cook. (the deserts were great too!)

Thanks to everyone who made the retreat such a success. Sharing the creative process with each of you, hearing all of your stories, the stumbles and celebrations along the way, was so rewarding. It was a diverse group which made our time together so interesting. I loved hearing the ‘aha’ moments and the many different ways inspiration and synchronicity strike. To top it off, the weather was mild and sunny. Lots of long walks for noodling. I’m happy to say my new novel is unfolding beautifully…

The next ANSWERING THE CALL retreat is scheduled for the Fall. More details coming soon!