Friendship sustains Us

My novel LET THE SHADOWS FALL BEHIND YOU is about the redeeming power of friendship. Brannagh comes to terms with her past when she attends a reunion of the childhood all girls club Tuatha-de-Dananns. So, I was really pleased when I returned home recently to reunite with some of the girls I went to high school with: Carole, Kathy, Debra, Thea, Patrician, Maryanne and Thelma. Where has the time gone? It was so good to re-connect with you all again. I’ll leave you with heartfelt wishes of my protagist, Brannagh, who summed it up this way:

“Whatever heaven was, Brannagh decided, wherever that place was that you went when you died, she knew that this moment would be there waiting like a cosmic seed to sprout in their hearts upon the first moment of recognition. She was certain that all that they had been–children, girls, teenagers, women–the loss, the hope, the reaching and stumbling and getting back up again would all be there too. And she was convinced that all the exhuberant, shining expectations not yet fullfilled, the dreams and yearnings that had been too painful not to discard over the years, that they had simply given up or locked away, would be there too, unsullied and expectant, ready to be claimed, like goods stored in the locker at the bus depot.”


I think it’s true that ‘nothing can change the past, but friendship holds the power to transform the future.’


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