Who do you write like?

Congratulations to Mary Fulton who won a $25.00 gift certificate to Chapters/Indigo/Coles in the draw for my fall newsletter that went out today.  Everyone who subscribes is eligible.  Mary is coming to the retreat at the end of the month and I’m looking forward to hearing her poetry.  For those of you who aren’t subscribers, here’s something I talked about in this issue that you might find interesting:


Check out this great web site “I Write Like” passed on by author, Linda Hall, in Fredericton. Just cut and paste a chunk of your own writing into the window, click “Analyze” and it will tell you who you write like. It analyzes your word choice and writing style and compares them to those of famous writers.


I inserted an exerpt from LET THE SHADOWS FALL BEHIND YOU: 

“Do you regret falling in love?  I mean, really falling in love.”  Tish’s expression was open and honest, washed clean of the pretence that came with their initial awkwardness together, born of the need to appear carefree and happy after all these years, and not a failure, never that, heaven forbid, no matter what the cost.  Brannagh envied Tish’s quick child-like flow of hot tears.  She had always been able to boil over at the drop of a hat, spilling everything out in an illogical mish-mash, then basking in a clean glow afterwards.   “It’s kind of like jumping off a cliff, isn’t it?”  Tish ventured, eyes shining.  “Without looking down.”

Brannagh’s ability to express her emotions was something else entirely.  She had learned, from living in the house on Argyle, to compartmentalize everything.   Her feelings were relegated to the distant third floor, behind closed doors, and thumps, and bumps, and meandering shadow-filled halls.

Brannagh attempted to smile, then gave up.  She reached into the top cupboard for the tin of tea bags.  “No, I don’t regret falling in love.”   She dropped two teabags into the pot, and filled it with hot water.  “What I regret,” she finished coldly, “is not falling out.”

According to “I WRITE LIKE,” I write like Charles Dickens.  


“Leveille has the ability to write convincingly and with precise delicate strokes that reveal nuance and shadings of character that are very satisfying.” – The New Brunswick Reader

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  1. how to make beats
    Oct 30, 2010 @ 22:47:17

    Good read. You ok if i add this info to my blog ?


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