TWUC 12th Annual Postcard Story Competition

Congratulations to Darcy, a fan on GoodReads, who won a copy of “LET THE SHADOWS FALL BEHIND YOU” in the draw for the winter newsletter.  All the fans on GoodReads are entered into the quarterly prize draws.  Hope you enjoy the read, Darcy.  If you missed my newsletter, you may have missed the announcement about this Postcard Story Competion from The Writers’ Union of Canada.  It’s an excellent opportunity. I won one year and it was subsequently published in the literary journal “Grain.”  Good luck!


$500 PRIZE

 The Writers’ Union of Canada is pleased to announce that submissions are being accepted until February 14, 2011, for the 2011 POSTCARD STORY COMPETITION. The winning entry will be the best Canadian work of 250 words or less in the English language, fiction or nonfiction. Are you up for the challenge? Can you create a dynamic, lean, and efficient piece in only 250 words? You can use humour, poetry, dialogue… anything goes!


$500 for the winning entry. The winning entry will be published in Write, the magazine of The Writers’ Union of Canada. The winner agrees that The Writers’ Union of Canada will have non-exclusive publication rights to publish the winning entry in Write for publicity purposes. Any publication of the author’s story by The Writers’ Union of Canada will include an authorship credit and a copyright notice in the name of the author. Copyright of the winning postcard story remains with the writer.


Ray Hsu, Samuel Thomas Martin, and Edeet Ravel will serve as the jury.


This competition is open to all Canadian citizens and landed immigrants. Original and unpublished

(English language) fiction or nonfiction, no more than 250 words.


·         Entries should be typed, double-spaced, in a clear twelve-point font, and the pages numbered on 8.5 x 11 paper, not stapled.

·         Submissions will be accepted in hardcopy only.

·         Include a separate cover letter with title of story, full name, address, phone number, e-mail address, word count, and number of pages of entry.

·         The author’s name should not appear on the actual entry.

·         Make cheque or money order, $5 per submission, payable to The Writers’ Union of Canada. Multiple entries can be submitted together and fees can be added and paid with one cheque or money order.

·         Entries must be postmarked by February 14, 2011 to be eligible.

·         Mail entries to: PCS Competition, The Writers’ Union of Canada, 90 Richmond Street East, Suite 200, Toronto, ON M5C 1P1.

Results will be posted at in May 2011. Manuscripts will not be returned.

“LET THE SHADOWS FALL BEHIND YOU is kind of a “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants” for grownups. Four friends who bond together in childhood, each coming from a troubled past, they create a group for themselves–only does one of the women go above and beyond to take care of the others–even murder? …this book kept me coming back for more.” -Night Owl Romance