Italy was fantastic!

SAM_1168Italy was wonderful!  Sorrento where we were based is a small town on the southern coast. Olive, orange, lemon, nut and fig groves terraced the hillsides. The brilliant lemons and oranges were hanging from the trees and the magnolias and roses were blooming. Locals were often wearing winter jackets (12-17 degrees) which we found amusing. We explored the southern coast and then took the local ferries, hydrofoil and trains to Capri, Naples, Rome, Florence and Venice. We were in Rome when the white smoke came out of the chimney and were 150 feet away from the balcony when Papa Francesco Primo came out on the balcony and received his blessing. We found it incredibly moving with people from all over the world chanting, praying and singing.

While the south of Italy was more family and community oriented, Naples was like Toronto with lots of laundry and noise, Rome was cosmopolitan with the Tiber River running through, Florence was rich with ancient art in all forms (music, sculpture, architecture, paintings) and Venice, as pictured,  was absolutely unique.

The food was incredible, the people friendly and the history amazing. I filled two journals with my scribbles.

The only drawback is that pizza will never taste the same!

Still it is good to be home and writing again. Working with Tightrope on the cover for “Standing in the Whale’s Jaw.” It’s off to the copy editor. Ciao!