Arts East Review

art1Thanks to Arts East for reviewing my new novel “Standing in the Whale’s Jaw:”

Kathy-Diane Leveille makes rural New Brunswick, 1935, an enticing setting for a murder mystery.

Her second suspense novel, Standing in the Whale’s Jaw, centres around 15-year old Elsa Byrd, a strong girl wise beyond her years. Elsa and her mom have relocated from Saint John to her grandparents’ farm; her father Hal has been admitted to a tuberculosis sanatorium. As mother and daughter attempt to adapt to country life—coloured by what probably is a more palpable case of “women should know their place”—a body of a young girl is discovered, found dead inside a floating dory.


Thanks too to Mind Care for holding their annual “Music is Freedom” event. This year they decided to include a lunch reading with authors. I was so pleased to be asked to take part last Friday.  They do so much to help erase the stigma associated with mental illness. So nice to see such a great turn out!



“Picturing ordinary people in extraordinary situations, and recording their impressions with an intense clarity we associate more with black and white photos, Leveille is blessed with a flash of insight that lets the readers see far beyond the surface.” – The Chronicle Journal





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teddyCongratulations to Jane McIntosh with winner of the February draw for a 50.00 Amazon gift certificate.  I e-mail a monthly newsletter called E-Muse with updates on SHADOW events, writing tips and author interviews I conduct on another blog.  (E-muse archives are posted on this site if you want to take a peek).  Everyone who subscribes has their name entered into the monthly draw for a 50.00 Amazon gift certificate.  Why?  Because one of my favorite things is getting a windfall that allows me to order new books.   I enjoy sending out that e-mail to the winners; but also encouraging the publishing, reading and buying of books–they’re my best friends.  

Having watched Dr. Phil’s program yesterday on Internet Scams, I can assure you that when Amazon e-mails you a gift card, you do not have to provide any personal credit information to redeem it (unless your order goes over 50.00 and you have to pay out of pocket).  I’ve been ordering from Amazon for years and have never had any complications.  If you would like to subcribe, contact

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