Tess Gerritsen’s thoughts on Canada

I really enjoyed meeting international best-selling author, Tess Gerritsen, at the Cantebury Tales Literary Festival last week.  It isn’t often you meet authors with the caliber of talent and fame on par with the likes of Stephen King who are so approachable and down to earth.  We were all rivetted in her workshops and readings.  I was interested to read Tess’s take on us on the Murderati blog recently and her thoughts on the Canadian Publishing Industry.  God bless her for giving me a nice plug at the end:

“One of the best parts about attending literary festivals is the chance to meet other authors, and in St. John, I was very happy indeed to hear readings by some truly gifted authors, including Kathy-Diane Leveille (LET THE SHADOWS FALL BEHIND YOU) and Robert Rayner, whose searing YA novel SCAB had the audience on the edges of their seats.  These authors deserve a far wider audience.  In Canada, where there seems to be far deeper support for such authors, they at least have the chance of being heard.”

In Canada we do have support for literary mainstream writers.  Personally, I dislike slotting writing and the snobbery that sometimes comes with those divisions.  As a writer, my job is to tell a good story, whatever form I chose to shape it in: genre, mainstream, literary.   I read ALL of those types of fiction and so, at various times, have written stories in those forms.  Believe me, all start with the blank page and take the same amount of hard work, perseverance and skill to accomplish.  I actually just finished writing a genre suspense which is different from my mainstream literary suspense in that it is plot driven not character driven with less poetry and layers. I loved the challenge! 

You can read Tess Gerritsen’s entire blog entry on Muderarit which is fittingly titled OH CANADA.

 “Leveille’s writing sings of heartbreak and redemption…and all the dizzy dancing moments in-between.” -Carol Bruneau