Author James Patterson and irony

booksI had to chuckle when I read the recent issue of “People Magazine” and discovered that author James Patterson, who has published 150 million copies of his thrillers, had trouble getting his son to read.  Apparently young Jack was total uninterested in picking up a book. Is this ironic or what?

James started a web site to help parents develop a user friendly lbrary for thier kids.  It’s a great site and I applaud anything that will turn kids to reading.  I’ve gotten so much pleasure from books.

I also learned that Patterson has a dozen outlines of his novels going at once, and that he farms them out to collaborators.  He says, “I wake up every morning wanting to write. It’s not a job.”  I know exactly what he’s talking about.  My editor and I are editing “Let the Shadows Fall Behind You” and I’m so energized; shaping, refining, playing with words.

You can read more about James Patterson in this People Magazine article:,,20105322,00.html