SHADOWS 5 star review on LIBRARY THING

I’d like to thank the readers on LIBRARY THING for their support of the written word and the reviewers who take the time to carefully consider each book. I was thrilled to be given a 5 star review for my novel “LET THE SHADOWS FALL BEHIND YOU:”

This is a wondrously written thriller that I couldn’t put down. Set in Canada, a young woman trying to escape her violent childhood cons her way onto an environmental research team where she falls in love with the team leader. When he inexplicably disappears into the Canadian wilderness, she returns home to sort out her past and, by default, her future.

The novel traverses three time periods: the protagonist’s early childhood, the present, and the not-so-distant past of her scientific expedition. The three time frames meld together perfectly and there is no confusion, only enhancement of the story.

This is a character-driven, psychological thriller that hooks you immediately and doesn’t let go until the last secret is revealed. The plot increases intensity to an almost feverish point, but the author does so with beautifully written prose. The sights, smells, sounds and emotions come alive.

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys a good thriller that isn’t just about car chases or explosions.

Thank you LIBRARY THING for celebrating what lies between the covers!