5 chocolates for Standing in the Whale’s Jaw!

libary2Thanks to Choco-Latte Reader for the 5 chocolate view of “Standing in the Whale’s Jaw:” Choco-Latte Reader says:

I loved this novel instantly from the first page. It was simply beautiful. There was a lot of vivid and breathtaking imagery, as well as an intriguing story line. Elsa is a fifteen year old girl who lives in a time where men dominate over men. Her mother, Rose, isn’t much help for her free spirit, and Elsa finds a confidant and friend in Lavinia; her mentor. When Elsa finds a wounded man, Simon, in her barn, she decides to keep him a secret despite the consequences. However, at the same time, a dead girl’s body is found in the river, and people are scrambling to find the killer.

I felt that this novel was one of self-exploration, for Elsa to find her place in society and life. All characters had a story to them, and I really connected with them all. Each and every character had a bit more of them revealed as the book went on, their life explained. I loved how Elsa matured through the story, and how she managed to find a place for herself, as a woman, in a male-dominated society.

I should have seen that plot twist in the end coming, but I didn’t. It was a nice surprise, and completely unexpected.

This novel was a joy to read, and was a smooth mix of self-discovery and mystery.

Happy summer reading!


“Standing in the Whale’s Jaw is a swirling, twisting tale of intrigue. Two bright and daring young women weave through a cast of characters… to solve one great mystery and open their minds to a greater one. A thoroughly enjoyable read, it’s a rollicking ride with many surprises along the way.” -Linda Little Author of Scotch River

Arts East Review

art1Thanks to Arts East for reviewing my new novel “Standing in the Whale’s Jaw:”

Kathy-Diane Leveille makes rural New Brunswick, 1935, an enticing setting for a murder mystery.

Her second suspense novel, Standing in the Whale’s Jaw, centres around 15-year old Elsa Byrd, a strong girl wise beyond her years. Elsa and her mom have relocated from Saint John to her grandparents’ farm; her father Hal has been admitted to a tuberculosis sanatorium. As mother and daughter attempt to adapt to country life—coloured by what probably is a more palpable case of “women should know their place”—a body of a young girl is discovered, found dead inside a floating dory.


Thanks too to Mind Care for holding their annual “Music is Freedom” event. This year they decided to include a lunch reading with authors. I was so pleased to be asked to take part last Friday.  They do so much to help erase the stigma associated with mental illness. So nice to see such a great turn out!



“Picturing ordinary people in extraordinary situations, and recording their impressions with an intense clarity we associate more with black and white photos, Leveille is blessed with a flash of insight that lets the readers see far beyond the surface.” – The Chronicle Journal





SHADOWS 5 star review on LIBRARY THING

I’d like to thank the readers on LIBRARY THING for their support of the written word and the reviewers who take the time to carefully consider each book. I was thrilled to be given a 5 star review for my novel “LET THE SHADOWS FALL BEHIND YOU:”

This is a wondrously written thriller that I couldn’t put down. Set in Canada, a young woman trying to escape her violent childhood cons her way onto an environmental research team where she falls in love with the team leader. When he inexplicably disappears into the Canadian wilderness, she returns home to sort out her past and, by default, her future.

The novel traverses three time periods: the protagonist’s early childhood, the present, and the not-so-distant past of her scientific expedition. The three time frames meld together perfectly and there is no confusion, only enhancement of the story.

This is a character-driven, psychological thriller that hooks you immediately and doesn’t let go until the last secret is revealed. The plot increases intensity to an almost feverish point, but the author does so with beautifully written prose. The sights, smells, sounds and emotions come alive.

Highly recommended for anyone who enjoys a good thriller that isn’t just about car chases or explosions.

Thank you LIBRARY THING for celebrating what lies between the covers!


buck2Thanks Julie P for reviewing my new suspense novel LET THE SHADOWS FALL BEHIND YOU today on BOOKING MAMA:

 “When I started reading LET THE SHADOWS FALL BEHIND YOU by Kathy-Diane Leveille, I assumed it was going to be one of those part suspense/part mystery type of book. And there definitely was a suspense aspect to this novel, but I was a little surprised that there was so much more to this story. This book is actually much deeper than a just a typical mystery book. LET THE SHADOWS FALL BEHIND YOU is a deep, complex story that delves into a woman’s life and her attempts to resolve issues about her past.

What I most appreciate about this book was how Ms. Leveille developed all of the characters. In fact, I thought she did a wonderful job of bringing so many complicated characters to life. ”


Kathy-Diane Leveille



“It’s often said, but not usually with such eloquence, that the only one you can’t outrun is you. Kathy-Diane Leveille writes with passion and assurance of a woman who risks sacrificing far too much to try to erase the things she knows are true.” –Jacquelyn Mitchard, author of The Deep End of the Ocean

Shadows called Rich and Beautiful!

buck2I’ve always enjoyed reading journalist Don Graves’ column CANADIAN MYSTERIES in The Hamilton Spectator.  So I was thrilled when he gave LET THE SHADOWS FALL BEHIND YOU a nod last week.  Here’s an excerpt:

Let the Shadows Fall Behind You by Kathy-Diane Leveille peels away the layers behind a murder, the need to deceive, to hide the past and cover it up with a pattern of respectability despite a trail of ruined lives and festering questions that could destroy the future.

A young woman returns to a small East Coast town to attend a reunion. Her instincts warn her against it as her lover has disappeared without a trace…

A gentle pace with compassionately descriptive writing is the right vehicle for author, Leveille, to tell a story of relationships that unravel as old, uncertain conflicts surface and begin to agonizingly make sense to the young woman.

A murder, a past still preying upon the souls of those involved, is always an unwelcome and intrusive guest. Let the Shadows Fall Behind You tells that chronicle with poignancy, wistful descriptions of small town life and punchy characterizations that expose hard truths.

Sadly rich and beautiful writing.