Standing in the Whale’s Jaw

Whales Jaw - 5.5x8.5 COVER.inddI love the cover of my new novel “Standing in the Whale’s Jaw.”  It’s finally ready and will be available in a few weeks, but you can preorder it on Amazon or Indigo.  I have had a great time working with Tightrope Books (Toronto) to bring it all together.  They are a hard working bunch. It is always amazing to me that one tiny flash of inspiration can grow into a full-fledged book by putting pen to paper day after day. In the beginning the vision is fleeting and trying to nail it to the page is like trying to catch a wisp of floating pollen.  I have to remember that if I just show up, sooner or later it’s bound to land on me.  It’s astonishing to hold a finished book in your hand. My ego is always tempted to take all the credit, but the truth is, something much bigger collaborates with my efforts to turn the scribbles into a shining story; or tries to–depiste the fact that I keep getting in the way. I’m grateful for the mystery.

STANDING IN THE WHALE’S JAW: Fifteen-year-old  Elsa Byrd is on the verge of becoming a woman in the summer of 1935. In a world run by men, it could be more of a curse  than a blessing. Elsa’s father enters the TB sanitarium and she’s forced to live on her grandparents’ farm. She stumbles upon a stranger hiding in the barn and decides not to tell a soul. When a dead girl is discovered floating in a dory, it quickly shifts from the kind of secret Elsa wants to hug close, to the kind she doesn’t dare let out. Her mentor,  Lavinia Twigg, teams up with Inspector Gerard of the Saint John Police and Elsa is left teetering between risk and danger, silence and disclosure, trust and fear.

Stay tuned for details on the launch, signings and all the fun stuff.

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“Standing in the Whale’s Jaw is a swirling, twisting tale of intrigue. Two bright and daring young women weave through a cast of characters… to solve one great mystery and open their minds to a greater one. A thoroughly enjoyable read, it’s a rollicking ride with many surprises along the way.” -Linda Little Author of Scotch River

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