SHADOWS on “Book Reviews and Author Interviews”

buck6I’m a guest today on AUTHOR INTERVIEWS AND REVIEWS.   Great fun!  Michy Devon asked: How would you describe your new suspense novel LET THE SHADOWS FALL BEHIND YOU.

My answer: Let the Shadows Fall Behind You is Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood meets Harlan Coben. I loved writing it because I was able to combine the ingredients I crave in fiction: a dark hero, a broken and brave heroine, loyal sidekicks; and the shifting, persistent threat of evil that must be conquered. It’s a multi-layered plot, sharpened by elements of romance, suspense, poetry and comedy. I love anything Irish and grew extremely fond of these women–Brannagh, Annie, Tish and Diane— and was sad to write the last page. I especially relate to Brannagh, the protagonist. She is determined to leave dark secrets in her past behind, but the disappearance of Nikki leads her straight back home. So often in life, that is exactly what happens. The very thing we don’t want to deal with keeps knocking at our door until we face it head on. Brannagh learns that nothing can change the past, but the power of friendship can transform the future.


Kathy-Diane Leveille
Author of
“Let the Shadows Fall Behind You is a haunting story of disappearance and loss and, ultimately, of redemption. Weaving together a world of family loyalties and family lies, of broken bonds and of those that endure, it combines the nuance of poetry with all the suspense of a thriller.” -Nino Ricci (Governor General Award winner “The Origin of Species”)

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